About Me

IMG_6252Who am I? I am the mother of ten-year-old twin girls who happens to have a Ph.D. in public health and an MA in sociology. I took early retirement as a professor to become a stay-at-home mom.

Why am writing this blog? I am redefining my interests and exploring new venues, but also because I find that I have little in common with the average first-time mother who has given birth at the age of 25, and even less in common with your average 50-year-old mother who is about to become an empty nester. Though I often feel like I am the only overeducated, 50-something-year-old with young children, the demographics do not bear this out. I am one of a growing group!

Who do I hope will follow this blog? It would be nice to develop a following among mothers who share my experiences. Nevertheless, the reality is that I am writing because I enjoy it. This blog is not meant to develop a following for the purposes of selling you a product; I only review products I actually purchase and use. Also, I do not take free gifts in return for a review; don’t bother asking. Should I ever develop a following, I do not plan on accepting products or charging for a biased product review.

If you enjoy my writing, please join me in my exploration or introspection. If you don’t, then do please move on. I review all comments and will not post anything that is a personal attack. It is for this reason that I also do not use my actual name or location.

Am I happy? Unapologetically so!