Purchase a “MediBuddy,” from Amazon or Target and dump the contents onto your table. Some of you will use the contents. I find the contents limiting but like the box. Once the box is empty I add:

  • I retain the Band-Aids and leave the rest for my home use.
  • M4K-1004Add Neosporin spray because it cleans the wound, disinfects, and helps with pain.
  • tAdd Aquaphor for chapped lips, burns, or bug stings.
  • Orajel Swabs work on a baby breaking a tooth, as well as on a seven-year molar that has formed a blood blister because it’s breaking through.
  • Get a pen type digital thermometer that fits in the container. I have a fancy digital one at home, but it’s the size of a remote control.
  • Tylenol is also a must; I don’t like Ibuprofen because it’s too hard on the stomach.

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