Baby A and Mommy

Baby A and Mommy


If you search things for kids to do in Aruba, then the butterfly farm will surely emerge in every search. Be ready to be underwhelmed in a good way.

The Aruba Butterfly Farm consists of a small house that looks like three rooms: the office, supplies, and a tiny shop. This is not a highly commercialized establishment. There are only a few things to buy among which the most interesting are the butterfly earrings. These are real butterfly wings preserved in a thin plastic. My girls loved them!

Baby B Exploring!

Baby B Exploring!

The farm itself is a large mesh structure, if by large you mean around 900 sq. ft., which contains beautiful tropical landscaped gardens, exotic flowers and pools with Japanese fish. The atmosphere is tranquil with hundreds of breathtaking butterflies from all over the world flying freely. My girls got to explore the gardens by themselves, since the place is small and enclosed, relishing both in their freedom and in getting to meet the butterflies up close and personal.

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Juicing Station

After we had been there for 40 minutes, we were offered a “guided tour.” Visitors are shown the evolutionary cycle from microscopic eggs, to strange and exotic caterpillars, pupae, all the way to butterfly. The tours are also very amusing and an amazing source of butterfly facts. I believe girls’ favorite fact was that butterfly tongues are like straws that allow the butterflies to suck the juice of the various fruits left for them.

We, and I mean the whole family, had no interest in getting up early during our vacation. However, if you arrive early in the morning, when the place opens, it is possible to see the hatching butterflies. Yes, you get to see them take their first flight!

This was a low-key moment in the trip, but also one of the most memorable, the flutter of butterfly wings; a moment captured in a camera, a memory etched in the heart. Children grow up too fast…!

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