When I was a professor, I got rather tired of hearing from my students that they wanted to have children young enough, for some this meant late teens, so they could run after them, unlike the “old ladies” giving birth today! I wish I could say that these types of comments were unusual, or that only my young students made them, but it would hardly be the case. I don’t know about you, ladies, but there are days when I just want to blast these idiots even if they are ignorant students, complete strangers, or worse, family and friends!

I’m not sure why educated people and those with good manners are expected to tolerate cruelty or stupidity. It’s an expectation very much in vogue. Another favorite social misconception is that such people are obligated to educate the less fortunate, i.e. the idiots, of this world. To that I say, bullshit!  My patience has been worn to the nub!

My First Mother's Day at 41!

My First Mother’s Day at 41!

Study after study concludes that older mothers make better mothers! There are the socioeconomic reasons, like having established careers, good incomes, established social networks, etc. Then there are the reasons I feel are truly important—we are more mature, more emotionally stable, more patient, are more likely to make our children a priority, and much, much more.

Our children, children of older mothers, are less likely to have accidents or necessitate admission to the hospital. Our children are generally healthier, as well as less likely to be obese. Our children tend to be more creative. Our children are generally more emotionally secure and mature. Our children have overall higher IQs and do better in school. (If you question the validity of my statements, do a professional journal search or even just a general Internet search.)

So, we might be slower than a 20-something-year-old mother—I do have plantar fasciitis after all—but we are generally still better mothers (There are always those outliers!). So, the next time a fool mentions your age as a detractor to your parenting ability, or you can’t keep up with a young mom who is running around with her children, smile smugly and remember that our children are better off! And, ladies, the proof is always in the pudding!

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