It’s one thing to decide to homeschool at the beginning of the year and another to tell your daughters that you are pulling them out of school three weeks into the school year. Yet, we don’t believe that parenting is a democracy.   We believe that we should take our children’s feelings into account, but ultimately Read More →

I had a lot of misgivings when the girls began the third grade. The teacher who had taught third grade for ten years at the girls’ schools quit to homeschool her own child. The new teacher only had experience teaching middle school and during the parent teacher conference made it clear that she had not Read More →

Everyone asked whatever possessed us to move to Puerto Rico! Well, Act 20 and 22 tax incentives,, which gives us the ability to financially secure the girls’ future. Our dream is to pay for their college, graduate school, and wedding, as well as help set them up in their first home. This is a Read More →

Time flies when you have a busy life…. A lot of things have changed since my last post. I have overcome my health problems, but of course, developed new ones and have learned to live with my limitations to enjoy my life in a new way. Started a business to help my husband secure the Read More →

What can I say about white powder sand, crystalline warm water, no facilities, overly priced palapas and chairs, where there are too many people and not enough shade? Paradise, according to Baby A, seconded by Baby B and mutually agreed by me! Here is the thing, none of those things mattered when we are at Read More →