It’s one thing to decide to homeschool at the beginning of the year and another to tell your daughters that you are pulling them out of school three weeks into the school year. Yet, we don’t believe that parenting is a democracy.   We believe that we should take our children’s feelings into account, but ultimately Read More →

I had a lot of misgivings when the girls began the third grade. The teacher who had taught third grade for ten years at the girls’ schools quit to homeschool her own child. The new teacher only had experience teaching middle school and during the parent teacher conference made it clear that she had not Read More →

There is never any question for me what is more important—travel! After twelve years of K-12, four years of BA, and seven years to finish my Ph.D. and M.A. (I did them concurrently), I am fully aware of both the benefits and detractions of formal education. Take a deep breath; the bottom line is, formal Read More →

Schools uniforms do not work, regardless of what the politically correct community and schools attempt to sell the consumer. The reality is that uniforms are not created equal, and there is no getting around this truth. All you have to do is pay attention to the kids as you drop off your children at school Read More →