Until I became ill at 38 years of age, my average weight had been 140 lbs. A bowel resection later, 13 additional procedures including 3 laparoscopies, a total hysterectomy, and multiple hormone treatments to combat endometriosis, my weight soared to 170 lbs. Add to it 6 years of living in an area that has spring Read More →

Plantar Fasciitis! What the hell is this? More importantly, why is this my problem? After I visited my doctor and did my research, I was pissed! Seriously. Another chronic health problem! Aging just sucks! Aging when you love shoes and now have a condition that makes wearing almost any shoe painful just bites! Eloquent for a Read More →

I remember I was just a young college student when I first heard of anaphylaxis to peanuts. The whole thing seemed like a gross over- exaggeration. I was so ignorant that I believed that you actually had to consume an allergen to have a reaction. Even more ignorant, I thought that hives would be the Read More →

The one place I never expected to find worms was in my child’s anus. According to our pediatrician, this is another problem endemic to Florida, but this is exactly what I had to confront at 4:00 in the morning when my child looked like a puppy, rubbing her bottom on the floor and crying because Read More →