Here goes another hour scouring the Internet for lunch ideas, my least favorite chore, but Baby B is probably the pickiest eater I have ever met. She doesn’t like anything! No, I’m not kidding. Whatever she liked two days ago might be off the table today. Now this presents a challenge when I am around Read More →

Breastfeeding, despite my personal challenges, provided unexpected, unequivocal joy! Picture after picture bears this out. I may always look exhausted, but always in every picture, I am utterly and madly in love. I still remember the first few times I breastfed my girls. My breasts were full of milk and my heart ached to nourish Read More →

I still remember the day the embryos were implanted in my uterus. I remember being in the hotel room where we staying picking up a book about pregnancy and reaching a chapter about all that could go wrong! My blood chilled at the horrors described. I was frantic, in a total panic, and wanted to Read More →

Not me! I was certain it was not a road I ever wanted to travel. Doctors had made me aware that I would probably be infertile due to Endometriosis since the age of fifteen, so it wasn’t as though I had a problem adjusting to the idea by the time I began thinking of children. Read More →