Until I became ill at 38 years of age, my average weight had been 140 lbs. A bowel resection later, 13 additional procedures including 3 laparoscopies, a total hysterectomy, and multiple hormone treatments to combat endometriosis, my weight soared to 170 lbs. Add to it 6 years of living in an area that has spring Read More →

Plantar Fasciitis! What the hell is this? More importantly, why is this my problem? After I visited my doctor and did my research, I was pissed! Seriously. Another chronic health problem! Aging just sucks! Aging when you love shoes and now have a condition that makes wearing almost any shoe painful just bites! Eloquent for a Read More →

When we were in Aruba, I took a picture of the girls as they clambered into the arms of a large tree. As they played in the branches, I remembered the poem, “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein (I have included the poem at the end of this blog as well as a link to Read More →

One concern that gnaws at me is aging. I was 40 years old when the girls were born, and I turned 41 just 3 months later. When I turn 50, the girls will be 9. Yes, when I turn 60, the girls will only be 19 years old! So, I worry because, well, that is Read More →

When I was a professor, I got rather tired of hearing from my students that they wanted to have children young enough, for some this meant late teens, so they could run after them, unlike the “old ladies” giving birth today! I wish I could say that these types of comments were unusual, or that only Read More →

I still remember the day the embryos were implanted in my uterus. I remember being in the hotel room where we staying picking up a book about pregnancy and reaching a chapter about all that could go wrong! My blood chilled at the horrors described. I was frantic, in a total panic, and wanted to Read More →