When we were in Aruba, I took a picture of the girls as they clambered into the arms of a large tree. As they played in the branches, I remembered the poem, “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein (I have included the poem at the end of this blog as well as a link to Read More →

One concern that gnaws at me is aging. I was 40 years old when the girls were born, and I turned 41 just 3 months later. When I turn 50, the girls will be 9. Yes, when I turn 60, the girls will only be 19 years old! So, I worry because, well, that is Read More →

I used to wonder why some parents limited their children’s friends’ age groups, but now I understand that even a year can be a problem when the children are young. A one-year difference translates into different developmental stages, which makes interaction between children difficult. Older friends tend to dominate interaction with your children, though it Read More →

There comes a time when it is no longer acceptable to protect your child from life’s reality. What does that mean? No, it doesn’t mean that you should be brutal or age inappropriate. It does mean that the time has arrived to stop smoothing edges, stop keeping the hard things from touching them, and get Read More →

Here goes another hour scouring the Internet for lunch ideas, my least favorite chore, but Baby B is probably the pickiest eater I have ever met. She doesn’t like anything! No, I’m not kidding. Whatever she liked two days ago might be off the table today. Now this presents a challenge when I am around Read More →