There isn’t a more exciting and yet terrifying day for a mother of preemies than the day you finally get to take your babies home! Trembling, I promised my girls on those two fateful days—yes, I made separate promises to each girl—that I would be the mother she needed me to be (Good thing too Read More →

Breastfeeding, despite my personal challenges, provided unexpected, unequivocal joy! Picture after picture bears this out. I may always look exhausted, but always in every picture, I am utterly and madly in love. I still remember the first few times I breastfed my girls. My breasts were full of milk and my heart ached to nourish Read More →

Barbie can be a positive role model for girls if, like almost anything else, parents are involved in the play processes.  There is no question that Barbie has adapted both physically and socially as she transitioned from purely using her sexuality to self empower, see Bild Lili doll, to whatever she wants to be, “I Read More →

Where were you when Cinderella ate your daughter?  I am tired of parents whining about the evils of this world least of all the media.  I agree that media is an insidious monster.  But, nothing in this world overcomes invested parents. I had problems conceiving because I didn’t want to have children until I was Read More →