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So one of the questions that I often get asked is, “How do you begin a new tradition with your kids?” And the answer is — I have no idea!
Most of those traditions have begun rather organically for us. For example, my girls are the official Buckeye lucky charms in our family. What does that mean? Well, it turns out that when you marry someone from Ohio, there’s a strong likelihood that they are going to follow the college football team from Ohio state — or the Buckeyes. And if I got it wrong, I apologize because I still don’t have it all quite together.
Uhm, frankly, I’ve never been a huge college football fan, but my husband loves his Buckeyes. And when the girls were about 6 years old, they became the Buckeyes’ official lucky charms because one day, my husband said that the Buckeyes were playing in the first national baseball game — championship. Whatever. I mean, there it is. I’m ignorant on these matters. And he wanted the girls to watch it.

Now the girls were in the second grade — so they weren’t 6, they were 7 — and he asked, or, somewhat informed, their teacher that they would not be attending school the following day because they were going to stay out to watch the Buckeye game. Now he was so excited that I went along with it and still not understanding exactly what this meant. But here were the girls, dressed as cheerleaders with their little pom-poms and their little buckeye cheerleader outfit. And they stayed out for the entire game.

When the housekeeper came in the next morning, Emmy said to her, “You won’t believe it! We stayed out to the AM! The AM!” Uh, yeah, we were in Florida. And they did stay out I think til midnight, so they did stay out to the AM. And of course, the Buckeyes won! Go Buckeyes! And after that, my husband just started calling them the Buckeyes’ lucky charms.

Now here’s the exciting thing, ok — whenever the girls are watching the game with my husband, the Buckeyes do not lose the game. No matter what game it is, no matter how much stronger the opposition is, they always win when the girls are watching. Now, this is funny, mainly because my husband can’t still get them to watch the game. I mean the girls are just a little bit too

Much like their mother and sometimes I do come in, and it’s exciting, and I’ll sit down for a while, I may even watch a game or two. But I’m just not a fan.

I lived in San Diego when the Chargers went to the Superbowl, and the whole process just broke my heart. It wasn’t that I expected the Chargers to win — they were going against the 49ers, but I did expect the TV stations to have a little respect for the fans. And it was clear that they had no respect for us. Every time that the chargers were attempting to score, they would cut off into a commercial. So we didn’t get to see the process. Granted, we were far behind. But that didn’t matter to the fans. We were all so excited we followed them year after year and here they had made it to the Superbowl And whether they won or not they got to be at the party.

So that lack of respect from the advertisers, the stations, left a bittersweet taste in my mouth, so I gave up on football. And I have mixed feelings about college football because the kids aren’t allowed to make any money, yet the universities make millions of dollars on the back of these kids, who, if they become injured, lose everything. So I have conflicted feelings. Can’t see through too much of it.

Every once in awhile, though, my husband will get me to dress up In my Buckeye gear, and sometimes we do it as an entire family, and we’ll watch the game for him — for my husband — because that’s what families do right? We do things for each other. So O-H! I-O! There we are — watching this game and seeing them win.

Now sometimes, my husband isn’t so happy with the family because the girls are doing their own thing, or the game is too late, and you know we don’t stick around for the game, and invariably, the poor Buckeyes loose. Now I doubt very much that we had much to do with it, but that’s what luck is all about, right? And that’s what charms are all about, and it does seem to be that no matter what happens, if the girls are there watching them, they do win.

And now we’re no longer just a family of two kids. Now we’re a family of four kids. So far, we have four lucky charms. And it’s adorable because Bug, our 4-year-old boy — well this is so interesting you know, he comes from a country in which football, or as we say in America, soccer, is the primary sport for males. So he calls football in the United States American football. And he’s learning this whole American football thing. He was very excited when he watched parts of the Superbowl this previous weekend, and he kept saying, “Look! Look! This is what dad likes! This is what dad likes!” And of course, that’s true — it is what dad likes. Dad was having a blast watching the game!

So this is my husband’s first opportunity to have a boy join him — indeed join him, and perhaps even learn to love the game because none of the girls are all that interested — they’ll do it for dad, but that’s about as far as it goes.

So what exactly is the tradition? I think our Buckeye tradition is to love dad. To love him and support him whenever we have the opportunity to do so — even though the game is not our favorite also though we’re not that into it. We’re there. We’re there for each other. And it’s a tradition that extends beyond the Buckeyes. It’s a tradition that permeates our relationships in this family. We’re there for each other. So O-H! I-O, ladies!

I do hope they win next year. It would make my husband’s year! But we’ll see. We will see. Right now, we don’t even know how our quarterback’s going to be. Or maybe we do, and I’m just completely ignorant. About the game. And the team. Which is not unusual. I love my husband. I love my children, and my children love their dad.

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Till next time…  Toodles…. Till next time… Toodles….

And don’t forget — O-H, I-O!