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So, there are two special days in November: the one we’re all used to, Thanksgiving, and November 21st. Why? You might ask. Well, that’s because that’s when the elves on the shelf come home, and they stay all the way into Christmas Eve. Sometimes, the elves pop-in during the year to check out on the kids and make sure that they are doing okay. Or the kids might need a reminder that it behooves them to behave well, okay? Otherwise, the elves are going to report to Santa Claus.

But this year, the elves didn’t check-in during the year. I think it was because, at the beginning of the year, the kids were so good, and then with the pandemic, I think they had some travel restrictions. And besides that, I mean, it would have been hard for them to travel from house to house, checking up on kids, wearing face masks and gloves, or disinfecting themselves constantly. I mean, their hands would have chapped and cracked, and how are they going to make all those toys? Help Santa out, right?

Who Wouldn’t Want to Wear These Cute Shirts and Carry This Little Travel Bag, Right?!

Nevertheless, I tried to bribe our elves on the shelf to visit us early this year because, well, I miss the little buggers, okay? So I went to Amazon, and I bought them their own little travel bag. This little bag comes with a lot of fun stuff in it. I mean, what elf wouldn’t be tempted by this fashion? Look at this! Hey, if you’re listening to me on iTunes, you’re going to have to go check me out on YouTube or check out the blog so that you could see some of these fabulous fashion choices for elves. I mean, baby blue with a deer in front of it (maybe Dancer on Prancer, definitely not Rudolph cause the nose is not red). 

Unfortunately, These Elves Would Take No Bribery!

And this beautiful gray t-shirt “My Other Ride is a Sleigh.” Santa on a sleigh. I mean, come on, you would have thought that the elves would’ve made a pit stop, right? Or my favorite one, “Express YoursELF,” with an elf picture on the front. But no. No, they did not come. So then I thought, maybe that was not fancy enough for them. I mean, three of the elves in our home liked their fashion. So, I went back into Amazon, and I got the cutest little dresses. I mean, personally, my favorite is this blue, silver sparkle. But this red and green, come on, who wouldn’t want to wear this? Or this pink and blue. It’s adorable! But it didn’t work! What’s wrong with these elves this year? 

This is Our Last Year’s Christmas Tree Especially Made by My Wonderful Kiddos!

I even resorted to getting essential oils: peppermint, pumpkin smell, apple smell, pine smell. I thought, maybe I could get them confused, get them to visit us. No. No! Unbelievable the nerve of these elves. They would take no bribery! And the thing is that I miss their visits. I miss their visits cause the kids would get so excited, and you could feel the sense of Christmas. And then I thought to myself, maybe the problem is that last year they did not feel appreciated enough, okay? Maybe we didn’t make them feel like their day was special enough.

This year, on the day they’re supposed to return definitely, yes, I’m going to leave their gifts out so they can change if they want to. But who knows? They’ve been very finicky this year, okay? But I’m leaving them out anyhow. You’ll never know, with an elf on the shelf.

The Grinch Inspired Golf Cart. The Kids Were So Happy!

I decided that on the 21st I’m going to cook a special meal, have the family all sit around and watch old Christmas movies, okay? My favorite is not The Grinch. I know, I’m kinda grinchy. We did, one year, decorate our golf cart for the Christmas parade in all Grinch, and we were Team Grinch. But, The Grinch movie is not just my cup of tea, okay? 

My favorite movie is A Christmas Story. You know, the one with Ralphy and his little brother, the dogs coming in, and eating the turkey, and they have their first Chinese Christmas. That’s my favorite one. So, maybe I’ll put that one on. And then, of course, my other all-time favorite is The Rise of the Guardians. I mean, you have Jack Frost. Come on. He’s hot! For a cold, frozen guy, he’s really hot. The girls definitely think he’s cute!

Designed Our Golf Cart in All Grinch and Wore Team Grinch Printed Shirts for A Christmas Parade!

And of course, there’s also Tooth Fairy; she is really cute, too!  Santa’s kinda different with all those tattoos, and Bunny, well, he looks more like a kangaroo (I’m sorry, Bunny, but it’s true.) But that’s our other favorite Christmas movie. And who knows? Maybe this year, we’ll have a third one to the bunch. Ask the kids what they enjoy and what they would like to see. 

And I’m hoping that if the elves feel our family unity, our love, our warmth, maybe this coming year they won’t be so shy, and they’ll visit us more often. And I don’t know, what do you think? Would cookies and milk help the elves feel appreciated? Or maybe, I’m thinking pork tenderloin with apricot crumble with vanilla ice cream for dinner that day. Maybe, if I leave some out for the elves, they’ll be tempted to return. I mean, baked goods warm anybody’s heart, and I bet you, hard-working elves in the North Pole could use some apricot crumble vanilla dessert break. I think so.

Look at Those Priceless Smiles! Santa was too Good to Them!

And maybe if I put it next to a picture of Bug, my little Bugaboo, and they see how cute he is, and they realize what a handful he is, and how much I could use some help during the year, they might come and pay him a visit, sit by his computer for a little while, and remind him that, “IXL is good for you.” Or sit on the bookshelf and remind him that in order to move on to the next reader, gonna have to get the side words done on the first two. 

I don’t know. They used to do wonders for the girls. Maybe they would do wonders for him, too. Or maybe… No. They couldn’t possibly want an early Christmas tree this year, could they? No! They know that our family does not put out the Christmas tree until the day after Thanksgiving. That Friday, they know the tree goes up. 

Every Year Is Another Gift with my Kiddos!

So, I don’t think their feelings were hurt. I think it was just that this year has been so chaotic, and with the pandemic, they’ve had a hard time traveling. I mean, after all, there are so many restrictions between countries. You can’t travel to Canada. Canadians can’t travel to the United States. We can’t travel to Europe. I mean, what does an elf supposed to do? Can you imagine all the paperwork they have to go through in order to go from country to country? 

And then, of course, they’re gonna have to have the test done before they leave the North Pole, and then they’re gonna come all the way to Florida for just a little brief visit, and they’re going to have the test back to go all the way back, I mean, they’re busy elves. They have a lot of work to do. So, you know, I think maybe that’s the reason why they couldn’t make it this year. A lot of red tape going on this year. Kinda makes you wonder about poor Santa. What is poor Santa going to have to go through in order to deliver these gifts this year? 

I am excited. I’m so excited for the elves to make their appearance on November 21st. Because year after year, even Dora, who says she does not believe in Santa Claus, the moment that she sees her elf appear, there’s such shrieks of joy and innocence and childhood. That beautiful magic where children still believe that dreams can come true, that magic still exists, that there’s goodness and perfection someplace in this world. I hear it in her shrieks. 

My Kids Get So Excited Every Year To See The Little Elves Visit Our House!
These Photos Were Taken Last Year.

And oh my gosh! Andy jumps up and down. She looks like a rubber spring or like she just went on a pogo stick or maybe like Bunny from The Rise of the Guardians. She’s jumping around, and she’s so excited. And Emmi, who is the most lowkey of the three. She will be grinning from ear to ear and just can’t wait to see what fashion choice her elf has made this year, and her elf is into fashion, let me tell you! She’s come up with some doozies over the years. And Bug, my little Bugaboo, still five years old, still enveloped in the magic that is childhood. He gets so excited, his whole face changes, and you see his smile just widen! And in those moments, I experience his childhood and the girls’ early years all in an instant because he is still so full, so complete of that magic. 

And that magic is so strong that it even goes back and touches my childhood memories and tones some of that bleakness, it tones it down. It brings out the best in those memories, somehow managing to leave the worst behind. It rescues them. And that’s such a wonderful feeling because I feel like he’s rescuing those memories, not just so that I can share the pleasant moments with them, not just so that I can appreciate the fact that my mother tried so hard, but so that I can rescue them for my grandchildren. It hasn’t even been conceived that doesn’t exist yet, not in mind, not in the heart but someplace we call the future. The future I might not even be part of, but that I will be able to touch through the stories that my children pass on.

A Christmas Tree Made By My Children with The Adorable Elves and Their Gifts for Them Last Year!

I am hopeful, despite the fact that I’m an older mom, that I will get to see a couple of Christmases with those grandchildren that are going to happen sometime in the future. No, not the near future! Okay? My heart will leap out of that. But you know, ten, thirteen years from now, that’ll be perfectly okay. Ten, thirteen years, you heard me, it’s official. Not a day earlier!

I hope I get to see them when they find their first elf visiting them, and if I’m lucky, the second or third time when they’re dying of expectation; when they want to see what the elves would be wearing; when they’re asking themselves what they could possibly do to bribe those elves to show up a little bit earlier to pay them a visit. Or when mom decides to call on the elves because she’s stressed out and could use a little help, a little nudge for the kids so that they behave better.

I hope, and I guess that’s what the elves represent for me—hope. Hope for better behavior, overcoming of challenges, a glimpse into a future with grandchildren. Thankfully, I had two daughters that promised me, grandchildren. The other one only promises fur grandchildren. I will love those, too, and I will spoil those as well, a lot because that’s what meemah’s do.

And I will help my grandchildren, fur babies, or two-legged ones try to bribe the elves on the shelves for a visit. I mean, meemah can sew, you know. I’m prepared to start making those outfits. So, for now, I will count the days until the elves show up, and then I will share with you the excitement of this year’s visit.

The Greatest Gift of All is To Spend More Christmases With My Precious Family!

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