Aruba: Arashi Beach

by | Mar 15, 2015 | Articles

What can I say about white powder sand, crystalline warm water, no facilities, overly priced palapas and chairs, where there are too many people and not enough shade?

Paradise, according to Baby A, seconded by Baby B and mutually agreed by me! Here is the thing, none of those things mattered when we are at the beach together, as a family.

Aruba: Arashi Beach.  Our family no where in site because we were having fun!

Aruba: Arashi Beach. Our family no where in site because we were having fun!

There we all were! No cell phones. No laptops! Just the family, in the water, on the sand, we were all laughing, screaming, enjoying each other. Baby A swam too far out and dad was there to watch over her. We worried about stingrays. Baby B saw a school of minnows, or something similar while we waded through the water. At some point I was helping Baby A make a sand castle, at another point I was helping Baby B make mud-pies out. It was all just perfect.

You can always find beautiful beaches; we have many in Florida and California (I can’t speak for the other states since I haven’t been there). What made this beach moment perfect was not the setting, but the moment itself because I was very much aware of it. Aware that my girls were fully enjoying their childhood and that this time is too short and none of us will ever get this time back.

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