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by | Oct 8, 2016 | Articles

img_1432Time flies when you have a busy life…. A lot of things have changed since my last post. I have overcome my health problems, but of course, developed new ones and have learned to live with my limitations to enjoy my life in a new way. Started a business to help my husband secure the girls’ future, all out of my comfort zone, but very exciting! We went from paying extraordinary amounts to private schools where my girls were bullied to homeschooling and much to my surprise love it! We are now splitting our time between Florida and Puerto Rico, such a fantastic adventure! We have hit a major developmental milestone as the girls have become tweens!

If you are like me, you are thinking not possible! Yes, it took one of my friends, a doctor, to point out that the tween years begin at 8!!!! Who knew? Time, like water, just escaped my ability to fully grasp the significance of the speed in which things happened.

So here I am, turned fifty this September, while much to my dismay the girls turned 9 in June… I still remember crying at Target when the girls left the “toddler size” behind. It hit me like a thunderous wall of bricks. And yet, this time, the change feels more dramatic, but I am perfectly calm. No tears! No apprehension!

I am fascinated by the people that they are becoming. Yes, the level of knowledge and their ability to apply that knowledge has changed. However, their personalities remain constant. Baby A has always been a type A personality. She is going to excel at everything regardless of whether or not she has the talent for it. Baby B was born a free spirit. She moves through life at her pace and explores everything with excitement. How can things change so much and yet stay the same?

Dr B.

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