Hating Uniforms at 6 years of age! (Baby A)

School uniforms attempt to force children into social conformism that demands they become followers instead of leaders. Choice is a good thing for a child because it allows children to explore who they are, who they hope to be, and who they actually will become. What do I mean? Stop for a moment to think about what your young child accomplishes in getting dressed every day: a) They make choices, b) They learn to dress appropriately, and c) They explore personality through those choices.

Choosing clothes give a child the independence to make safe choices. Even if your child makes a completely inappropriate choice (for example: wearing a bathing suit to church) it is a safe choice. The world will not end because they made a mistake. They will, however, learn through “natural consequences.” Someone, plenty of “someones,” will correct your child for you. You won’t have to fight or nag your child, so you don’t have to be the bad guy. More importantly, your child will have to take responsibility for his/her choice.

The girls have learned that there is a time and a place for everything. Baby B, one of my twins, doesn’t like dresses, but she chooses a dress for church. Baby A, my other twin daughter, loves dresses, but she will choose a skort or shorts to play dates because they give her freedom of mobility. And, you’ll love this one; I reserve the right to ask them to wear my choice once a week. I rarely implement my right, but when I do, the girls don’t argue.

Through their clothing choices, your children will develop their own senses of style, which is an exploration of personality. Baby A is a very conservative girlie girl. Baby B thinks she is Andie, Molly Ringwald’s character from Pretty in Pink. Their choices help me make decisions about which things to expose them to. I do a double whammy by exposing them to their interests and to some things outside their comfort zones. My decisions are based on theirs and are meant to, and I believe do, give them the opportunity to explore their capabilities and interests.