Trying to be their own flavor in a vanilla type world!  (Baby A & Baby B)

Schools uniforms do not work, regardless of what the politically correct community and schools attempt to sell the consumer. The reality is that uniforms are not created equal, and there is no getting around this truth. All you have to do is pay attention to the kids as you drop off your children at school to see this actuality.

What do I mean? All of the khaki pants look the same; the polo shirts are the same, and so on. Wrong!

There is a big difference between the uniforms purchased at the Land’s End and those bought at Wal-Mart. The first keep their color better, are usually clean, and are usually ironed. The Land’s End kids usually have a different uniform for each day, while the Wal-Mart kids usually have two or three uniforms for five days. Each uniform is typically worn more than once a week. The Wal-Mart uniforms are not made very well and begin to fade three months into the year, or worse start to visibly fall apart. Worst of all, the poor kids whose uniforms are not laundered are still expected to wear a uniform the following day that does not look clean and is usually rumpled. This is not because mom doesn’t care, but because mom is working full-time and is lucky if she can afford a cleaning lady. I could discuss the different shoes worn by the children, but this would belabor the situation unnecessarily.

My point is that uniforms do not desegregate the children to equalize the playing field. Birds of a feather flock together, or as we learned in sociology, social differentiation theory will tell you that children will gravitate to other children like them. So, inevitably, the Land’s End kids will hang out with the other Land’s Ends kids, and the Wal-Mart kids will hang out with the Wal-Mart kids.