The one place I never expected to find worms was in my child’s anus. According to our pediatrician, this is another problem endemic to Florida, but this is exactly what I had to confront at 4:00 in the morning when my child looked like a puppy, rubbing her bottom on the floor and crying because she wanted to go to sleep and could not do so due to the itching! Man, I thought the lice had been tough; I was in for a surprise!



My pediatrician at the time—he is no longer our pediatrician because of this—was of absolutely no help. He simply told me to stop by the office the next day, when without looking at my child, he told me that she had pinworms and sent me to the local drug store to purchase a pinworm medicine called Pin-X. Even though no one else in the family had worms, we all had to take the medication since pinworms are easily spread. So we all had to suck it up. The stuff does not taste good! One of the girls vomited several times as a result. I was nauseous all day. The real problem with this product, and all like it, is that it does not kill the worms. It paralyzes them, and you poop them out. But, by then, the worms have already laid the next generation of eggs!

Once again, I found myself vacuuming, doing all bedding and laundry every day! Good thing I am now a stay-at-home mom! I had to shower my poor child every night and every morning. Still, she kept waking up every night with the unbearable nightly itch and crying because she was tired and could not sleep. It was back to the pediatrician two weeks later who prescribed Albenza. This stuff was nastier that the first. My child swelled up like a balloon, and it was terrifying!

How can something so little cause so many problems? And why, oh why, didn’t my child listen when I always tell them to wash their hands with lots of soap? Moot points! The bottom line is that she had worms, and I needed to get rid of them so once again I found myself scouring the Internet. There are a lot of suggestions for getting rid of pinworms, but this is what worked for us: I purchased Nature’s Wisdom NW020 Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Pest Repellant, 1-Pound and gave my child one teaspoon mixed in water every day. At night, I used Q-tips to Pin-X externally around her anus, and voilà! She was able to sleep! The pinworms stopped showing up in her stools a week into it, but I continued putting the Pin-X for two weeks, as well as cleaning the house top to bottom every day. We haven’t had a problem since! Let me tell you, she learned a valuable lesson about putting her dirty hands in her mouth, which is the primary mode of contagion.

If you end up facing this problem, I can honestly tell you that the biggest hurdle to overcome is not the worms themselves, but your own disgust! God knows, I was mortified and disgusted. As it turned out, our pediatrician was right about one thing—it is a common problem. When I began talking to friends and family about it, I discovered that many had to deal with it while their kids were in daycare. I guess my daughter is a late bloomer since she got them at the age of seven! The bottom line, pun intended, is that any mom worth her salt will simply grin and bear it, plowing through it with the determination of an ox. I’m not sure what your solution will be, but I am sure you will find a way to get rid of the little suckers!

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