Hi, I’m Dr. B, I began this blog a few years ago, but due to health reasons, I had to go on hiatus.  Now I’m back in full force! Ready to keep going and even add a new dimension to our blog! A podcast!  And, of course, this reminded me of why I began this adventure in the first place:

I decided to begin our blog and now ad a podcast because:

  • I began my journey into motherhood at the age of 40
  • I still remember the day I gave birth. I was confident and just absolutely enraptured with my twin daughters. I saw nothing but blue and sunny skies ahead.
  • Yet, I quickly discovered that starting motherhood later in life  was a lonely place 
  • I had very little in common with other mothers who had children my girls’ age
  • This was compounded by my unwillingness to enter the mommy wars where women compete to meet their definition of whatever it means to be a perfect mom and then tear each other down when they don’t meet each other’s expectations
  • The reality is, I was too old not to accept that I was an imperfect human being and therefore I would be an imperfect mother
  • But, the one thing I am and have always been, is committed to working daily on being the best mother that I can be

If you are like me, a mom working the unexpected social and physical implications of motherhood later in life:

  • You have found a place of honesty
  • A place where perfection is not required
  • A place where you don’t need to feel alone

Together we will face the challenges and joys as we grow in this experience people call motherhood later in life

Every week I will drop two episodes and accompany them with a transcript, i.e., blog. Kiddo Tuesdays, in which I will share parenting challenges, and joys and Momma Thursday related to issues about the experience of being an older mom!  

I hope you will join me in this self introspective journey of growth!